Class is in Session!

Welcome to Session 1: Introduction to Project Based eLearning!

The following artifacts are what you will need in order to conduct the introductory session of alternate professional development for Project Based eLearning (PBeL) 3-5. I have shared each link for anyone to comment, so feel free to comment away!

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Schedule of Alternate Professional Development for PBeL 3-5

“We often ask questions about how students learn, but not often about how teachers learn.” -Allison Gulamhussein, Center for Public Education

Per the report Teaching the Teachers: Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability by the Center for Public Education, the first principle states that “the duration of professional development must be significant and ongoing…” (Gulamhussein, p. 14). Continue reading “Schedule of Alternate Professional Development for PBeL 3-5”