Schedule of Alternate Professional Development for PBeL 3-5

“We often ask questions about how students learn, but not often about how teachers learn.” -Allison Gulamhussein, Center for Public Education

Per the report Teaching the Teachers: Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability by the Center for Public Education, the first principle states that “the duration of professional development must be significant and ongoing…” (Gulamhussein, p. 14). I have created a schedule in Google Sheets (embedded below) that outlines eleven weeks of ongoing support for the first six weeks of the project for the entire year. A similar outline will continue for the rest of the year. The second principle tells us that “there must be support for a teacher during the implementation stage…” (Gulamhussein, p. 15). Several meetings have been scheduled before, during, and after the implementation stages. These meetings will consist of ongoing support from myself, the administration team, team leaders, and grade level teachers. This type of professional development consists not of the traditional “sit and get” but of the alternate professional development model of “go and show.” In most, if not all of the meetings, learners will have to perform their own research, share their findings, create and personalize accounts, and explore and experiment with the features of the resources that will be used to successfully implement Project Based eLearning (PBeL)-which satisfies the third principle, “teachers’ initial exposure to a concept should not be passive, but rather should engage teachers through varied approaches…” (Gulamhussein, p. 16).

The fourth principle states that “modeling has been found to be highly effective in helping teachers understand a new practice” (Gulamhussein, p. 17). Modeling will be performed by myself during the team leader meetings once a week. This is so that the team leaders are able to become experts themselves and become an additional support for their team. As outlined below, they will be the ones leading the grade level meetings once a week. And fifthly, “the content presented to teachers shouldn’t be generic, but instead specific to the discipline…or grade-level” (Gulamhussein, p. 17). Every meeting will be personalized according to each of the third, fourth, and fifth grade levels. Furthermore, collaboration will be fostered throughout the entire year using several of Google’s applications, team leader meetings, and grade level meetings. Here, I invite you to take a glimpse of the schedule and encourage you to leave any feedback you wish to share:

Click here to view the entire document in Google Sheets.


Gulamhussein, A. (2013). Teaching the Teachers: Effective Professional Development in an Era of High Stakes Accountability. Center for Public Education. Retrieved from


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