Leading Organization Change

With launching innovative digital learning initiatives, such as my project-based e-learning (PBeL) initiative, comes inevitable resistance to change. But to become a self-differentiated leader who can overcome these obstacles, one must address certain aspects of the human heart. 

Let Me Win Over Your Heart by Starting with Why

A why statement can be used to speak to the heart, create a sense of urgency, and lower complacency when trying to create change in an organization.

Influencer’s Three Keys to Successful Behavior Change

It is not enough to state your why for the cause of change; you also have to change or influence people’s behavior towards any new project. Here, I apply Influencer’s Six Sources of Influence towards my initiative of implementing PBeL in K-12 classrooms.

Installing 4DX with My Team

Here, I use another strategy for influencing change within my organization. With The 4 Disciplines of Execution‘s guidance, I apply the 4DX model and the five stages of behavior change to the same PBeL initiative.

Achieving Results with Crucial Conversations

Using and implementing the key factors of crucial conversations is an important aspect of being a self-differentiated leader. But, interestingly, it isn’t about communication. It’s about results. This is where I apply the key factors of having crucial conversations in order to get the results I care about most—implementing my PBeL initiative.


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