Tools for Creating a Significant Learning Environment

For the past few weeks, I have solely focused on learning and creating significant learning environments. Consequently, my innovation plan has changed from being a blended learning plan to a project-based e-learning extension. The following links provide an in-depth view on how my approach to learning has changed from an analytical viewpoint to a more holistic perspective.

Thinking Holistically Through a New Culture of Learning

This document contains “Part One: A Reflection of D. Thomas and J. S. Brown’s A New Culture of Learning” where I reflect on Thomas and Brown’s belief in that learning should be viewed in terms of an environment—combined with the rich resources provided by the digital information network. In “Part Two: A Change in Plans,” I address the extension (project-based e-learning) to my innovation plan (blended learning and the Station Rotation model).

Not Just Another Learning Philosophy

In this document, I recognize and analyze my beliefs about learning in general, myself as a learner, and how I want my students to learn.

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) and Learning Outcomes 3-Column Table

This document specifically outlines the extension to my innovation plan using L. Dee Fink’s Learning Outcomes 3-Column Table. Through my project-based e-learning plan, students will have the opportunity to own their learning by collaboratively completing a semester-long project that incorporates the use of 21st century skills to solve a real-world problem or question.

Understanding by Design’s (UbD) Backward Design

Here, I apply the first part of L. Dee Fink’s Learning Outcomes 3-Column Table, Foundational Knowledge, to the UbD  1-Page Design Template for my project-based e-learning plan.

Creating, Developing, and Maintaining a Growth Mindset

This document…well, the title says it all.


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