The Best of Both Worlds: A Digital Story Narrative for My Innovation Plan

The Why:

“How can I sell my innovation plan through a story?” I asked myself. According to my professor, I had to “convey a message,” “talk to people,” and “tell a story.” It seemed difficult to make something so professional into something slightly more personal. I had to somehow create a digital story narrative that incorporated some personal aspect of my life—or not. This is how I interpreted it. Because I preferred face-to-face instruction and excelled through it while I was in school, I could not relate it to my innovation plan, blended learning and the Station Rotation model. And I had so little experience in the classroom, I could not find anything there either. So I did the next best thing: I related it to my dog.

He was what occupied my life next to school and work. I worked through many scenarios and all of them pointed to offending my audience because somehow I was comparing my dog to kids. In the end, I stuck with his story about how picky he was with his food, made it as simple as I could without offending anyone, and portrayed it as “The Best of Both Worlds.” My dog hated his dry dog food—and still does. His love for human food convinced me that that was the only way he would eat his own food—mixing it together. I mixed something natural and healthy with something delicious. Hopefully my audience sees my comparison of the dry dog food with face-to-face instruction and the human food with online instruction. Without going into specifics, dry dog food is something that is necessary, just like a real-life teacher. And in the eyes of a dog, human food is something different and delicious—just like how online instruction is different and engaging for students.

The What:

The Best of Both Worlds: A Digital Story Narrative for My Innovation Plan



The How:

The first step in creating my digital story narrative was writing the actual narrative. This, I believe, was the most difficult to do. I had to somehow connect my introductory story with my main story without confusing the audience. Then, not only did I have to choose the right words, I also had to choose the right tone during the recordings. I ended up recording each story separately using my cellphone. I then emailed the recordings to myself so that I could save them unto my desktop.

Script for “The Best of Both Worlds”

A Digital Story Narrative for Innovation Plan

Since my dog’s veterinarian gave me the thumbs up to start giving him dry food, I’ve struggled to get him to eat it. There was nothing wrong with his food; it was natural and healthy. I thought, why isn’t he normal like the rest of the dogs? One day, during dinner, I realized while he was barking at me under the table, he wanted human food. He was tired of smelling the delicious home-cooked meals that my mother made every day without having the chance to taste them. After alternating between barking and giving me the puppy-dog-eye stare, I gave him some to try. And he was hooked. But I knew human food would not give his body the nutrients that he needed. So, I gave him the best of both worlds by mixing dog and human food.

So, here’s a crazy thought, why not give our students the best of both worlds too? No, I don’t mean giving them a mix of dog and human food. Why not blend face-to-face instruction with online instruction? We know that not all students learn the same way. But, then why do we stick to the same traditional methods of instruction? Today’s students are hooked on technology. We’ve seen that glimmer in their eyes when they get their hands on it. So why not use that same technology for learning? We have the opportunity to transform their learning experiences and environments. We have the opportunity to get our students ready for the future. So, why not do it?

2016-08-07 (2)

The second step was gathering all the images I needed. Half of them were photographs of my dog I had taken over the years. The other half, I obtained with a Creative Commons license through PowerPoint. I then inserted the images into PowerPoint, added text and shapes, organized them, and saved the slides as JPEGs.


The third step was trying to work with YouTube’s Editor, but failed to do so since I could not figure out a way to add two recordings. I was scared to work with Windows Live Movie Maker since I had difficulty with it in the past. But, that is what I used to make my video. I added the PowerPoint JPEGs and the two recordings. The last step was making sure the images matched the content of my recordings. I saved it as an WMV File and uploaded it into YouTube.

2016-08-07 (1)

2016-08-07 (4)


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